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What is every business foremost goal?

Have you ever asked yourself “Is there a goal that is so paramount that is applicable to every business in any given situation?” Have you ever asked yourself what that goal might be? Well here is the answer…

Is there something that is of a primary importance for a business, no matter what, no matter when? The business as any living creature foremost goal is to survive. Imagine you are dropped off a helicopter in the tropical forests of Amazon. Your first concern will be how to survive in that new and hostile

What is the purpose of business?

The famous Peter Drucker once said: If we want to know what a business is, we have to start with its purpose. This article gives the definition of a business organization. It elaborates on the Peter Drucker definition of the purpose of business and provides valuable insights for managers, entrepreneurs and start-ups.

What is the purpose of business? Well that’s an easy one! Generally speaking, every business school on the planet Earth will teach you that the purpose of business is to maximize shareholders value. In other words – make a profit. So the purpose of business is to make money. And here pretty much the argument